About Our Company

We are supplying material of fire extinguishers, hydrant accessories personal protective Equipments and other Safety Products. We specialize in Industrial Heat Protective Garments and Accessories, Fall Protection Products and Industrial Safety Shower Systems. Our products design philosophy embraces principles of high quality in conformance with various localiintemational quality standards, durability, user friendliness, aesthetics, environmental awareness and cost effectiveness, Our state-of-the-art management systems and our customer-centric approach ensure high quality and prompt service to our customers.

Why Choose Us


The visualize our organization pursue the path of continous improvement and evolution, thought individual and collective excellence, as a huge wealth-creator, highly respected and responsible corponte citizen offering a complete portfolio of safety products, Accessories, systems, Solution and allied Services to it's customers world-wide in a seamlessly integrated fashion by using latest technologies.


An ambitious goal for ourselves of catapulting our company into a higher-growth trajectory towards achievement of another major milestone of earning ourselves a place among top ten companies in safety Industry in India in terms of wealth creation , product offerings, technological innovations/ excellence, industrial safety awareness creation efforts and environmental/social responsibility awareness.


The selection of fire protection equipment and services we provide is designed to offer businesses and organisations a quality service, a personalised solution and the best price. We have worked with our customers for many years helping them to complete fire risk assessments and implement the recommendations from the assessments, so we have a very good understanding about what our customers need.

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Keep Touch With Us and always Share your thoughts with us..Keep Touch With Us and always Share your thoughts with us.